Infrastructure On Demand Is Giving Small Businesses An Edge

"Businesses that want customers to feel confident that their data is safe and secure must turn to new IaaS technology created for the express purpose of addressing the ever-changing data storage needs in our society." In today's instant, on-demand world, small businesses seek to maximize their limited resources without sacrificing data access, storage, and security. The answer: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). This article covers how small-to-medium companies can leverage IaaS to address their data and budget needs, while also allowing the opportunity to scale as the business grows and provide high-level security. This article was originally posted on

Simple, powerful analysis with Office 365

Microsoft Forms expedites improvement. Survey, quiz, and poll results are all available in real time, so you know exactly what you need to, right when you need it. As a member of the Office 365 suite, Microsoft Forms adheres to the stringent compliance, security, and privacy levels you have come to expect from Office 365 apps. Subscribe now to receive weekly info on how FH-Networking, LLC and Office 365 can provide you with the best solutions.

Today's Innovative Businesses: Focusing on What Matters Most - Infographic

The ability to automate business processes with Office 365 frees you from spending time doing mundane and recurring tasks. Microsoft Forms lets you collect data faster than before, and Microsoft Flow lets you create automated processes to make use of it. With intelligence and productivity at its core, Office 365 gives you the insights and assistance to do your best work.

Machine Learning helps you make better decisions

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning is designed for applied machine learning. Use best-in-class algorithms and a simple drag-and-drop interface--and go from idea to deployment in a matter of clicks. Now you can build, test, and deploy predictive analytics solutions on your data faster, and with the peace of mind provided by enterprise-grade security.

Move to the Intelligent Edge with Azure - Infographic

Azure Machine Learning can improve your business, no matter the industry. You can build AI applications that intelligently process, analyze, and act on information--augmenting human capabilities, increasing speed and efficiency, and helping your organization achieve more. No matter your industry, Azure Machine Learning can help you attain success. Contact us to find out how.

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Microsoft Azure is a proven analytics engine that allows you to get started quickly without having to manage infrastructure and lets you scale your resources to the needs of your business. Power BI provides unparalleled visualization tools, and you can govern, deploy, test, and deliver your BI solution with confidence with the safety and security of Azure.

Data Analytics Around the World with Azure

Microsoft has announced over 600 new features and services on Azure this year, meaning you have a constantly evolving and robust support system in place for your data analysis needs, whatever they may be. Whatever form your data takes, Azure is there to help you innovate faster.

Rockwell Automation Evolves for its Customers thanks to Microsoft Azure

This week, FH-Networking, LLC discovers how Microsoft Azure helps Rockwell Automation deliver solutions for turning its customers' data into business insights. Whether it's bot training, data analysis, or attaching to a voice interface, #Azure delivers the cloud-computing infrastructure to support innovation on an enterprise scale. The result? A critical competitive advantage on the global business playing field. Contact us to learn how Azure can give you the same edge.

Broadclyst School--Tracking Pupil Attainment

This week, FH-Networking, LLC looks at how Microsoft Office 365 helps the teachers at Broadclyst School gain insights and work collaboratively. They can share intelligence from test data, create and assign resources, mark up student assignments, and provide feedback to their pupils. This helps them save time, be more productive, and target the learning style of each student with appropriate classwork. Everybody wins. Let us show you how easily your organization can achieve the same advantages.

Hey, You, Get Onto the Cloud

A surprisingly large number of small businesses haven't yet made the move to cloud computing. Here are 5 ways cloud storage can help your business grow.